Mahmudullah decided to withdraw from the Test!

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Mahmudullah decided to withdraw from the Test!

Surprising news in the world of cricket! Mahmudullah decided to end his Test career earlier in the day than the match against Zimbabwe. Although he had achieved his career-best unbeaten 150 the day before, he still decided it was over.

The reason is still unclear "Yes, he (Mahmudullah) had informed that he does not want to prolong his Test career after this game. But he did not inform us anything officially and we have to see whether it's an emotional outburst or not," a top-ranked official of BCB confirmed to Cricbuzz on request of anonymity on Friday.

BCB President Nazmul Hasan is also surprised by this decision "No one officially told me anything. But one called me and informed that he (Mahmudullah) doesn't want to play Tests after the ongoing Test and he told that to everyone in the dressing room." "But I found it very unusual.

The game is not over yet," Nazmul was quoted in leading Bangladesh Daily Prothom Alo on Friday. "We have written to all of them this time about the format they want to play in the future. It was taken four or five days before leaving for Zimbabwe." "Riyad (Mahmudullah) had written that he wants to play in all three formats, if he gets chance and that's why he was included to the Test team," he said.

Hasan explained why he was shocked

Hasan further explained why he was shocked by this decision "I called him twice at my house and asked him and he confirmed to me that he wanted to play Tests. I asked him, will you bowl if necessary? He said he would do that too.

He's talking about retirement now, that's why I'm absolutely surprised," said the BCB boss. "I think he may have said it emotionally. Otherwise, he is not supposed to say so in the middle of a Test match after writing to the board," he said.

"If he did it in the middle of the Test, it would put a very negative impact on the players and that is totally unacceptable." "We have no problem if anyone doesn't want to play, but it doesn't make sense to create chaos by saying this in the middle of the series," BCB president concluded.

Nevertheless, Mahmudullah explained the reason in an interview with Imago Sports Management "Am I fit to play Test? I asked myself several times after getting out against Pakistan in such ugly manner. I wanted to find the answer while I wanted to give the answer as well. I found the answer in Harare. I know I am perfect for Test but I won't play in this format anymore."