The Adelaide Oval may host a boxing day test

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The Adelaide Oval may host a boxing day test

The Boxing Day Test looks set to take place in Australia. It will all depend on the situation that is happening with the pandemic "From our perspective, we are very serious in being very interested and available and able to host the Boxing Day Test if that became available.

At the moment, it's still fixtured to be at the MCG. If that were not able to be the case then we are certainly ready, willing, and able to put our hand up and host that Test match and we'd be very excited and capable of doing so.

I don't think there'd be a better place in Australia where you can hold it than in Adelaide," Bradshaw had said, as quoted by cricbuzz


The Adelaide Oval will be ready for the match if the conditions are met "There is no deadline at the moment.

CA are working with Victoria and the MCC and at the moment, they believe that they're still going to be able to host that Boxing Day Test match. From our perspective, we are ready to jump in if that's not able to occur and to host that match.

We'd be very keen to do so," he said. Due to the appearance of the virus, many in the world of sports will have to adapt, including cricket "In terms of for Damian Hough and the team and since we have drop-in pitches, and looking at the fixtures we have, we're more than capable to host a Test match in that time-frame.

Within two weeks. It depends on the whole fixtures. It's a moving feast at the moment with the international schedule and we just need to be flexible and able to adapt and that's how we are positioning ourselves at the moment," he said.

Alex Carey on the whole situation: "I think that'd be perfect. It's an amazing place to play cricket and it's an amazing venue that they're putting together with the new hotel. Yeah, I'm sure we'll find a way wherever it is in Australia but biased to set India up here and play a lot of cricket here in Adelaide," Carey said on Saturday (August 22).

Ricky Ponting hopes the game will be played in Adelaide "All the venues around Australia are brilliant, and they're all unique in their own different way. Adelaide is one of the best places that I've been to to watch or play cricket, certainly over the last 4-5 years since they've renovated the stadium.

I'm sure they'll have their hand up, as will Perth and Brisbane. Everyone will be throwing their hat in the ring. I just hope that things have improved enough in Victoria that it doesn't move," Ponting said in an interview on Sunday (August 23) to