Mitchell Starc expects a solution to the quarantine problem

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Mitchell Starc expects a solution to the quarantine problem

Mitchell Starc believes that the problems related to quarantine will be solved and that the right solution will be found. The difference between the T20 final and the first Test is 14 days and considering that it is necessary to find the right solution.

The solution will certainly have to be found as soon as possible "I'm sure Cricket Australia are thinking about it and putting plans in place." "The way of the world at the moment throws up a lot hurdles and then you are throwing two weeks of quarantine, like we are going to have to do coming back from this tour as well, there's a lot of question marks."

"You look back to the summer and we played Sydney under restrictions, Brisbane was under full quarantine so there's certainly precedence set there in how we approach different games especially in Australia," he said on ESPNCricinfo.

"In that respect I don't think there's any hurdles to get around in playing cricket under quarantine conditions, it's just some of the finer details that government and cricket will have to work together (to sort out)."

Starc is aware that some players have encountered similar situations and that their experience can be very helpful. "Throws up another hurdle with quarantining after a World Cup and the tight turnaround we might be faced with, but the multi-format players have all played cricket for quite a while now and have experienced the same situation in slightly different circumstances before," he said.

West Indies

Australia will begin its preparations before the final against the West Indies. He says it will be great to play T20 and get the rhythm back. He looks ready and looks forward to the next challenges "Don't think I've played 10 T20s in the last four years let alone in the space of a few weeks so personally it would be nice to get a bit of a rhythm of T20 cricket."

"The back end of the summer I was heavily focused on the red-ball so put the white-ball to the side. To prepare for this tour it's all been white-ball focused with what's coming up in the next few months."

"Preparing for shorter spells, more of a focus on staying unpredictable or (using) variations. I don't change a whole lot in my preparation across the formats but certainly, they'll be a lot more planning and focus on tactically what we'll take on this series," he said.