Mark Boucher: "I couldn't be too bothered about the guys criticizing me"

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Mark Boucher: "I couldn't be too bothered about the guys criticizing me"

Boucher spoke to the media after the T20 test against the West Indies was completed. It is he who has been under criticism for a long time, although sometimes there is no reason for such things "Criticism comes with the job," Boucher said, as quoted by cricbuzz "I couldn't be too bothered about the guys criticizing me.

If you're here and you see what we're trying to do and how we're trying to work things out, I don't know if you would have the same mindset." "A lot of people wrote us off before we even started playing this series," Boucher said.

"As much as you can talk to players, they've got to go out there and produce a result. After the first game - when we didn't play well - we learnt a couple of lessons." "We put that into practice and we won the next two.

We didn't play well in the previous game and we had a really solid game today. We've got a team that, if we rock up on the day, we could possibly beat anyone."


There were a lot of flaws in his team’s game, but still Boucher looks optimistic and has seen a lot of positive things "If you're winning series against a strong team with a couple of guys out of form then you must be doing something right," Boucher said.

"I think we were very smart in difficult conditions." "The West Indies were playing their brand of cricket and we were playing our brand of cricket, and the guys bought into that. You've got to try and find a way to win and that's exactly what we did."

"We need to get some guys in form so we can finish off innings better, but there are so many positives." He also talked about the conditions "We're probably going to playing in conditions like this in the UAE," Boucher said.

"The wickets, after the IPL, are going to be dry. We took a lot of lessons out of how to play in these conditions. You've got to be skilful and you've got to be smart. "If anything, conditions are going to go further towards the extremes of what we would have had in the subcontinent.

They're playing the IPL there and there aren't a lot of grounds." "So those wickets are going to be worn, and the scores are going to go down. It's going to be tough to bat, especially at the end of the innings. The IPL will give us an idea of what sort of scores we will see and which combinations work."