Aaron Finch gave support to coach Langer

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Aaron Finch gave support to coach Langer

The coach of Australia received a lot of criticism at the expense of his team's game. Most believe that Langer did not do what he should have done and that he has the wrong approach. However, there are those who are permanent on Langer's side.

One of them is Australian player Aaron Finch who gave his support to his coach. Finch supports his coach’s approach and believes he is the right person for the current position "Over a couple of days on the Gold Coast we had a great camp...

the ability for JL to address a few issues that came up in the review with Tim Ford, that was brilliant from him to tackle them head-on, put his side of the story, put his spin on it, that shows the quality of the man he is and things he's working on," Finch said, as quoted by cricbuzz Although many criticize Langer, he achieved many good results and helped Australia in various ways.

Finch believes that from the moment Langer arrived, he managed to improve the team and raise their game to a higher level. Most Australian players share the same opinion and Langer seems to have authority in the locker room but also the trust of his players "We are all behind him 100%, the way he's coached Australia in the last couple of years has been fantastic, I think we've had some really good success.

No doubt it was quite confronting for him at the time but he took it head-on and it was great. Very positive from our point of view."


The biggest problem that has befallen not only Australia but also other national teams is the bubble and pandemic that currently rules the world.

Finch believes that some things could have changed to improve the situation with bubbles and players, but that such things are not a big problem and are not crucial in the whole situation. "Think there was a combination of a few things.

On the back of a lot of bubbles as well, I think he could have used his assistants a little better and delegated in that regard but there was nothing groundbreaking. "It was stuff every player and every coach would reflect on themselves.

The way he confronted that and the way it was received by the players was outstanding," Finch added. Australia will try to improve their game, and to hope that their coach can be the main one in that goal