Bangladesh Cricket Board presented a new program and surprised many

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Bangladesh Cricket Board presented a new program and surprised many

The Bangladesh Cricket Board has decided to create a new team (if it can be called a team): Bangladesh Tigers. They should represent the team where the players in the national scheme will train. This caused a lot of confusion, and one of the astonished was BCB's cricket operations chairman Akram Khan ''To be honest I am not sure about the Bangladesh Tigers program.

They have not spoken with [me] in this regard and need to sit with them to get a clear idea about it,'' Akram told Cricbuzz. Khan was one of those criticized for the insufficient activity of Team A. "There is a misconception that there is no activity of A team.

Due to the Covid-19 situation, there is no activity of any team. We went to Sri Lanka in October 2019 and then the Covid-19 problem started,'' "In the last eight to nine years we had around 21 series for the A-team.

We played eight at home and 13 away while we failed to do two series due to the Covid-19." "We have arranged 120 matches among them 45 were longer-versions while the rest were limited-over cricket," he further cited.

They are soon trying to form a camp for the players of the national team "We will try to play longer version matches. Those who didn't play for the national team, it will be a great opportunity for them. There is no connection between this team and the shadow team," he added.

Local coaches are confused by the concept of things ''If now we start A-team program then where does the Bangladesh Tigers program fit in,'' questioned a coach on request of anonymity.

Ahmed explanation

Kazi Inam Ahmed tried to explain things "The 'A' team operates on a tour-by-tour basis and it is not always easy to get tours, be it at home or away," "It is a real challenge, especially in the current scenario because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

"This [Bangladesh Tigers] is a comprehensive programme for players like Imrul (Kayes), Sabbir (Rahman), Nasir (Hossain), (Anamul Haque) Bijoy or Shafiul (Islam), who have played for the national team and may play again, but they can't play for teams like Under-19s or high-performance.

"We are looking at players outside the high-performance set-up, and the ones who are doing well regularly in domestic cricket. We want to develop them because they don't get to use the main facilities,'' he said.

Imrul Kayes was cited as an example of how things should go "We are very much aware of our limited facilities. Imrul Kayes is a classic example of a player who has been in and out of the national team." "We want to make sure that when a player like him is out of the national team, they are under a programme and can have access to the same facilities,'' he said.