Rangana Herath revealed plans related to Bangladesh

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Rangana Herath revealed plans related to Bangladesh
Rangana Herath revealed plans related to Bangladesh (Provided by Sport World News)

Rangana Herath will become the new spin bowling consultant of Bangladesh. In an interview with cricbuzz, he revealed his emotions after taking over the new position, what he will focus on and his expectations from the role.

He believes that this is a great opportunity and a great road, and he explained the reasons for accepting the new role "It's a great honour and privilege to work with the Bangladesh cricket team. Like any former player aspiring to be a coach, it's a kind of dream for me to get associated with a leading country, and so I am privileged to join the BCB." "I mean it has been three years since I retired, and so I thought I could share my knowledge and experience with the spinners.

At the same time, Bangladesh is quite similar to Sri Lanka as far as the conditions and the mindset and culture are concerned." "One of the reasons I chose Bangladesh is that I know the mindset, preparation and practice ethics and everything ...

and compared to Sri Lanka it's the same actually.


The cricbuzz reporter revealed the fact that he was employed until the T20 test, and he wanted to know what his focus is? "As you said I have been appointed till the T20 World Cup and we have Zimbabwe, Australia, New Zealand, England and then the T20 World Cup.

In that case, what I realise (is that) in the recent past spinners like Mehedy Hasan, Shakib and Taijul and there are a few (other) spinners as well." "I think they are doing well. And what I see is that they are consistently getting opportunities and that is very important as a spinner.

When you are getting opportunities consistently ... that is how you can build confidence and create a team environment and mindset, which is very good and I would like to continue with it in future as well. "I would like to say that before the coming series (rubbers at home), we are playing T20Is in Zimbabwe." "If our team can build the winning mindset during the Zimbabwe tour and can continue with that against Australia, New Zealand and England, it will be good before the T20 World Cup.

That is how we need to look at the future. What will actually be the role of the spinner in the next games? "It always depends on the situation. As a cricketer, you must see the situation and have the awareness and it can be an attacking role or it can be a containing role." "But it is very important to work in partnerships - with fast bowlers and spinners and it depends on the situation.

I cannot say this is the role in T20s and that is something that needs to be done." "But what I can say is that we have to analyse the situation and we must have awareness and accordingly adjust with the situation." "There could be situations like (playing the) attacking (role) and at the same time containing runs.

It's more important that we work as a unit with fast bowlers, and when they come together I am sure we can go a long way.