Dravid: "It's a short series so it won't be possible to give everyone an opportunity"

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Dravid: "It's a short series so it won't be possible to give everyone an opportunity"

The cricket team of India goes to the preparations in Sri Lanka before the T20 test. Most players want to prove themselves and show that they belong to that team Dravid, the head of the NCA will now have the role of coach "When you are in a developmental level or working at the pathway level, the goals are different.

We have a really different goal here. It's a short series so it won't be possible to give everyone an opportunity," said Dravid on Sunday (June 27), speaking at an online press conference, as quoted by cricbuzz "The selectors are there and we'll come up with what we think is the best combination to try and win the series."

Young players

He believes that young players can take advantage of this ideal opportunity that has been given to them "There are a lot of young kids and this will be a great experience for them even if they don't play just the opportunity to be with the Indian team and interact with the likes of [Shikhar] Dhawan, Bhuvi [Bhuvneshwar Kumar], and other senior players."

"They can learn a lot. In principle ... there are a lot of youngsters on this tour and a lot of them will get an opportunity. Will everyone get an opportunity? Probably with a squad of 20 is a bit unrealistic. Right now they will have a chance to decide which team will participate in the T20 "These are only three games before the World T20.

I'm sure the selectors and the management would have a pretty fair idea by now as to what is kind of squad they are looking for." "Before the T20 World Cup, there is the IPL. In that sense, this series gives may be an opportunity for maybe one or two places ...

give them a few more options." He will be in regular contact with the base "You can't read too much into it as well. There might be that odd spot and people could raise their hands during these T20 games. We have a couple of selectors travelling with us."

"We'll touch base with the management in the next couple of weeks. I've had a little bit of contact with them but didn't disturb them during the World Test Championship." "We'll touch base and see what their thoughts are and what ideas they have, and see if we can implement that in these T20 games," Dravid added.