Kraigg Brathwaite disappointed after defeat by South Africa

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Kraigg Brathwaite disappointed after defeat by South Africa

West Indies Test captain Kraigg Brathwaite was quite disappointed after the defeat of his team by South Africa. The West Indies failed to accomplish what they set out to do, and they had many mistakes that cost them. Simply South Africa was better, they had their rhythm, they had dominance and the West Indies had no chance in such a duel.

Brathwaite seems to think the main reason for their defeat is batting "We didn't bat well. Full stop." Although many believe that batting coach is what their team lacks and that it would be different, the West Indies captain does not agree "It isn't a factor," he said, as quoted by cricbuzz "The coaches here are doing a very good job.

And as batters, we know where we went wrong. Brathwaite felt very bad after the match and believes that his team lacked fighting spirit and motivation and that there was simply not enough will and desire to win.

Learning process

He believes that there is no excuse for such things, but that they are still in a learning process that takes time.

"We're very sorry. We were disappointing. We've got to come back and show that fight." "You can't win it all but as batter you have to show fight, show determination, which we didn't. It's still a learning process with some young guys in there and some other guys coming back in.

It still not an excuse. We've got to come back better. What they envisioned as the main one was batting, but obviously there was a lack of partnership between some of the players. He believes that it is necessary to work on the mental level and that they have a few weeks to prepare "Part of the plan obviously was to bat better and have consistent partnerships and big partnerships but we didn't have any.

During the series, you can't work on anything technical and Test cricket is all mental." "But you always have something to work on as a player. We have a couple of weeks and we could work on a few flaws that we have."

Brathwaite was pleased with the bowling "We were magnificent in the field. Kemar Roach was magnificent. Every time I asked the bowlers for a spell, they were always willing to do the job," he said. "And we took some very good catches. The bowling unit must be commended for the effort."