Sawhney: "These allegations have been based completely on anonymous statements"

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Sawhney: "These allegations have been based completely on anonymous statements"

Manu Sawhney, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the International Cricket Council (ICC), is not currently experiencing the best days. He is suspended for misconduct, and considers that the decision was made unfairly and that his basic human rights have been violated.

"It is abundantly clear to me, as it would be to any reasonable person or bystander, that I am the victim of a premeditated witch-hunt. All pretence at undertaking a fair process or giving me a fair hearing has been completely abandoned."

"There has been no attempt to comply with the ICC's internal policies or even basic principles of natural justice," Sawhney said in a blow-by-blow response to the allegations levelled against him through a statement, seen by Cricbuzz.

Probe was charged with four counts. He believes that these accusations are not adequate and that they are only tarnishing his reputation in the world of cricket. "These allegations have been based completely on anonymous statements which no one has made any attempt to verify or investigate."

"On the basis of our bullet points, I could potentially lose my livelihood and my reputation. Frankly, the whole situation is nothing short of a sandal.


Probe also believes that the successes he has made must not be forgotten "Nevertheless, I believe it is crucially important for my own integrity, and that of the ICC, that I resist this blatant attempt to force me from office, which would set an extremely dangerous precedent."

"I am also determined to ensure that the significant achievements of the ICC during my tenure are not airbrushed out of history," he said and declared that he has a right to appeal." "I will also exercise my right to appeal any guilty decision to the board, in accordance with paragraph 7 of the ICC's disciplinary policy and clause 17.4 of my employment contract."

However, he objected and believes that his case would need to be well investigated and to determine why this situation occurred. "On 18 March, I objected to Barclay's involvement in the disciplinary process and requested for my case to be determined by a truly independent and external chair who sits on the Dispute Resolution Committee."

"However, the ICC lawyers have refused my request out of hand, responding that, "There is no basis upon which Mr Barclay should recuse himself," Sawhney claimed. It will be interesting to follow this case and find out what the court's decision will be in the end