Kohli and Williamson made statements before the final

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Kohli and Williamson made statements before the final

Soon we will have a match that we have been looking forward to all these years. India and New Zealand will meet in the World Cup final and both teams are aware of how important this match is. It is in matches like this that the players are nervous, the team is nervous and it is necessary to work mentally with the players.

Virat Kohli gave his opinion regarding the final, in which India has the role of the favorite "If you're talking about Test cricket and deciding who is the best team in the world on one game over a period of five days, that is not the reality of the truth," he said, as quoted by cricbuzz "It is not going to reflect anything for people who really understand the game and who know exactly what has gone on over the last four or five years and how the teams have fared.

Kohli is relaxed

Kohli looks pretty relaxed before the grand final and seems confident that India will win "For me this is another Test match that has to be played. I think these things are very exciting from the outside, where there is so much importance and so much extra stuff attached to one game."

"It sort of becomes do or die. You can look back over history on things that didn't go your way, and at the end of the day you play sport and you are going to be beaten, and you're going to win on a particular day.

"For us, as a team we have been on a quest for excellence for a while now and we will continue to be on that path regardless of what happens in this game." "We are striving for excellence every day. As an individual player, we won the 2011 World Cup, which was a great, great moment for all of us but cricket goes on, just the way life goes on."

Kane Williamson is aware that they will have a difficult task, but with his captaincy he can be of great help to his players. "It's a privilege to find ourselves here with an opportunity to be involved in the first final.

But it's just [about] focusing on continuing that growth. There's been a lot of growth in our team over a period of time." "The team has bought into moving past challenges with a good attitude. That's where the guys will be focusing, after this match the focus will still be there - we're looking at the long game."