Pujara emphasized the importance of the mental part in the final

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Pujara emphasized the importance of the mental part in the final

Cheteshwar Pujara believes that his team needs to work the most mentally, given that the WTC final against New Zealand awaits them "Well here I think the mental part is very important because it is a one-off Test," Pujara said on Tuesday (June 15), as quoted by cricbuzz "We've had 10-12 days of preparation, so you know mentally you need to be up for it because sometimes you [can] have little time for preparation and you are not playing any first class or any other Test before an important game because of quarantine and all the restrictions.

He thinks that every day is important, and that they gave too much of themselves to reach this final after two years. "Mentally if you are up for this... all of us have spoken about reaching the final and time period, [it has taken] almost two years to reach here."

"So once we're here, mentally if we are up for this, then whatever challenges are there... even if the preparation time is less, you try and make the most of it, and then be up for the big one." "It's just one Test match and every session counts, each and every day is an important one for the final Test.

All of us are charged up and preparing really well and I'm very hopeful our team will put up a good show.

Desired goal

He believes that despite some things that do not suit them, they can reach the desired goal and that is victory.

"It [the scheduling] is [a disadvantage] but it's something we cannot control. You know these are challenging times all over the world. You cannot have all the luxuries of extra preparation." "The game is still going on and that's the most important part.

For all of us, we are still playing the final. Even if preparation time is less, it may be a little bit of a disadvantage for us." "But as I said, if you are up for the challenge, even in non-favourable circumstances you still want to do well."

Although they didn't have enough days to prepare, it seems that the team is full of self-confidence and they believe that they can win. "As a team we are confident that preparation is up to the mark. A few extra days of preparation would have helped but that we cannot complain. I think we are ready for the final," he added.