Paine: "JL has done a bloody good job in a really difficult time"

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Paine: "JL has done a bloody good job in a really difficult time"

Justin Langer has been under fire lately, especially because of the approach that neither the players nor the fans liked. However, the Australian players gave their support to the coach "Professional coaching, whether it is AFL or NRL or the Australian cricket team, is a very difficult caper.

What I would say is I know I speak for all of our players (when I say) that JL has done a bloody good job in a really difficult time." "We all now feel as a team we want to evolve and improve, and JL is a part of that,'' Paine told reporters in Brisbane on Monday (June 14), as quoted by cricbuzz "It is not him by himself or us by ourselves...we are all 100 percent behind JL and the job he is doing."

"We have a team review at the end of the Indian series which is a pretty common factor in professional sports...from Justin to our last player, everyone will get the feedback they can improve on.

Improving their form

They are leaving for the Gold Coast soon and hope that their form will improve soon "We will go to the Gold Coast in a couple of weeks to delve a bit deeper into that...

we are trying to create an environment to give people feedback. We obviously did not play as well as we liked against India and we all want to improve from Justin down.' ' Although most believe that England is not good enough, Paine believes that they will have a difficult job and that England has great players.

"New Zealand is a good team, and secondly I think it's a really different team England put on the field to what we're probably going to see in the Ashes so I didn't pay a whole heap of attention to it," he said.

"We know when they come here they're going to get Ben Stokes, going to have Jofra Archer, they're probably going to play a spinner, and a few other guys to really strengthen their depth. We will take a bit from it but not read too much into it.'

' Bubble life is extremely difficult for most cricketers "It is certainly an issue, there is no doubt about that. It will certainly be one of the challenges for the modern day player," he said. "Going away and doing two weeks (quarantine) either side can be quite draining.

"We have some guys who have done that six or seven times, so there is 14 weeks out of your year sitting in a hotel room by yourself. It's important you have depth in your squad so you can cover it.' '