Will Evans: “It’s pretty much all or nothing for us this weekend"

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Will Evans: “It’s pretty much all or nothing for us this weekend"

Will Evans hopes this week will be a different outcome for his team. His team lost to Cumbria in the first match of the National Counties Cricket Association Knockout Trophy game. They simply did not manage to keep the rhythm throughout the match, there were a lot of mistakes in the game, which in the end cost them a defeat that hopefully will not kill them mentally.

It is against Northumberland that they must win if they want to stay in the game, and thus try to advance to the next round. The task will not be easy at all, but if they manage to play the way they know and if it is their day, anything is possible.

"It’s quite a short tournament, only playing four matches, so if you lose the first two it’s all over for you,” said Evans, as quoted by stokesentinel “It’s pretty much all or nothing for us this weekend.

We realize if we lose we can’t realistically qualify. “The lads know it and the pressure that comes with it. It’s a big game and we have to win it”.

High expectations

In the first game, they had high expectations, but in the end, it didn't turn out well for them.

The opposing team was simply better, and their players played phenomenally. “We had high hopes going into the first game, but once you slip to 23-4, it’s always going to be an uphill battle,” admitted the Cheshire captain.

“There were a couple of outstanding performances from their players, but to be fair to us, we did recover pretty well to get to 172. “Nick Anderson (who made a half-century) was excellent, but any chance we had relied on us taking early wickets in their innings.

“Dutton scored 100 in 80 balls and that took it away from us. But we gave it a good go and had them five wickets down at the end" Also, the Cheshire captain had words of praise for some players, and pointed out that Michael Slack was one of the better ones that day “Michael Slack bowled well, but a few of the lads, myself included, needed to have a look at how they got out and the shots that were played.

We thought 180 or 190 would give us an opportunity because there was a bit in the wicket, but it wasn’t to be”. Now they have a tough game left that they will simply have to win