Mike Hesson believes New Zealand and India are even

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Mike Hesson believes New Zealand and India are even

New Zealand will have an ideal chance to win the first trophy after 2000 when they won the Champions Trophy In the World Test Championship final he will play against India, and former New Zealand coach Mike Hesson talked to cricbuzz regarding the match favorite, Kohli as well as the advantages of the teams Hesson believes both teams are equally strong "They are even.

The fact that it's being played in a neutral venue makes the WTC final an even contest. I think both sides are going to be at their strongest which is great." "Assuming there are no injuries in the next couple of weeks ---both sides will be in full strength and we are in for an exciting Test match." "I am keen to see how India's top-order fares against the swinging ball.

The ball does a bit in Southampton and as the cross breeze comes into play -- it can be a challenge for the batsmen. How the Indian top-order plays the NZ pacers could decide the outcome of the WTC final." He thinks that this will be an exciting moment for both teams that will try to use the chance "We are in our third final after the 2015 ODI World Cup followed by the 2019 WC in England.

The Black Caps are a top-quality side who have played quality cricket for a long period of time. It's a huge moment for both sides. Whoever wins the WTC final will be worthy champions."

Kohli vs Williamson

Hesson used to work with Virat Kohli and Kane Williamson, and he explained what makes them specific and believes that the clash between the two will be interesting.

"Both are very good leaders and yes, both are different in styles of captaincy. The players want to follow which is a great sign for any leader." "Kane is more of a slow-burn in the sense that he likes to put pressure over a period of time.

Virat, on the other hand, is constantly looking for ways to put his side in the driver's seat." "The WTC final will be a test of captaincy for both Kane and Virat. As the wicket changes from day to day, it will be interesting to see how both Kane and Virat make those little tweaks in their strategies to stay ahead of the game." The ICC recently stated that if the result is a draw, both teams will win the title.

Cricbuzz reporters wondered if Hesson thought it was the best option "I do. I think the fact that they have a reserve day is good. If after five tough days of cricket there isn't a winner, then I am happy to say that a draw will be a good result."