Russell feels the mental consequences of the bubble

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Russell feels the mental consequences of the bubble

West Indies allrounder Andre Russell says that he was greatly influenced by the new measures and quarantine, and that it is very difficult to function in such a system, but that he is still grateful that he can play cricket at all during a pandemic.

"I think it's taking a toll on myself," Russell told Geo News from Abu Dhabi where PSL is set to resume next week, as quoted by cricbuzz "I can't talk for any other player, or coaches or anyone that goes through this whole quarantine stuff" "But it's definitely taken a toll on me mentally because from bubble to bubble, in a room locked in, you can't go out for a walk, you can't go certain places, you can't socialise, it's different.

"But at the end of the day, I'm not being ungrateful, I'm grateful that we're still playing, we're still doing our job. So it's tough for us. But even though we prepared for it, it still takes a toll," he added.


He says that training helps him the best, ie sometimes he uses a bicycle or does push-ups to help himself in such moments.

"So for me, I like to have a bike or something in my room so that I can get my heart rate up. I would utilise the space that I have, go on the floor, do some of some push-ups. For some exercise, I use stuff in the room to just get something done." PSL will resume soon, and Russell and his team will face difficult conditions, as temperatures in Abu Dhabi can reach up to 40 degrees "I have played in hot conditions before.

But I was in competition, playing games, having proper net sessions and back and forth, getting used to the condition and fully acclimatised," he said. "However, in this case, it's going to be a bit different where we are in quarantine and then we just going to get out and have a few practice sessions and then go straight into the games.

He is aware that they still have to adapt to the conditions given that they are professionals. It will be really interesting to see how Russell manages as well as his teammates "The night won't be as bad as the day games but if it's a day game, we just have to be up for the challenge.

We are professionals, so we have to condition our minds to deal with the heat and the weather."