Aaron Finch believes COVID-19 will affect the mental state of the players

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Aaron Finch believes COVID-19 will affect the mental state of the players

Aaron Finch, an Australian cricket player, is concerned about the mental health of the players. He believes that COVID-19 has affected all people, including players who will have to stay in hotel rooms and will not have the right to go out.

"That [mental health] is something that's going to be something to monitor heavily," Finch said. "I know from an Australian point of view there's a lot of work behind the scenes going into making sure there's as good a goalpost in place for players and really tailored approaches to make sure that we've got all our checkpoints in place to understand and recognize when things might be a little bit off."

, as quoted by crickbuzz "Could be a few months that people are in these bio bubbles and being stuck in a hotel room by yourself for a couple of weeks on end, or a couple of months, or a few months on end, that can be really tough," he said.

Michael Lloyd, the club psychologist, has already had sessions with the players. He will probably have a lot of work to do in the future. "I think Michael Lloyd from Cricket Australia ... he's the sports psych who travels with us most tours.

I know speaking to him he's been talking to all players individually to make sure they've got their own individual plans and understand where to turn and what to do when you feel as though things aren't going right.

Because I definitely feel it's going to be a real issue and a real factor over the next couple of years in particular."

Finch wants the players to respect the measures

Finch says that these measures should be respected because if they do not respect them, they will harm themselves, and there could be a new break.

"What's important to remember is we are in a position to help continue the global game. And there should be no more motivation than that to do everything right. I've been very strong with the guys in the last couple of weeks about making sure that we do literally everything we can with regards to the protocols to keep the global game going.

"Because at the end of the day, if that fails then we are all out of jobs and the game is not in a healthy state, which we can't afford to have. I think there's been so much time and effort put in by thousands of people to give us the opportunity to play international cricket again, and even us leaving Australia, leaving Victoria, is a big process.

"The people who've worked their backside off over the last couple of months to allow it to happen in Australia, in the UK, in India, South Africa, the UAE, wherever it is, thousands of people are doing an unbelievable amount of work to get the game up and running again. So we owe it to the people, in particular, to do everything right."