Bracey: "I've benefited from Foakesy having a freak accident"

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Bracey: "I've benefited from Foakesy having a freak accident"

James Bracey will soon make his debut for England and he seems ready to make any compromise to help his team reach the goal "I'm just preparing for all circumstances," Bracey said two days out from the start of the New Zealand series, as quoted by criccbuz "With the keeping duties as well I'm prepared that if I play I might bat down at six or seven.

I'm preparing for all scenarios but I'm assuming if I do get out there there's the option of batting lower down. Bracey has an interesting style of play and will be of great importance to his team. He revealed what he loves to do on the field "I like to think when it comes to batting, I like to get in a battle, gritty, not afraid to go through those hard yards, go through those tough spells which I know I'm certain to come up against when I play Test cricket."

Foakes injury

After Ben Foakes ’injury, Bracey got a chance.

As he says, unforeseen things often happen in sports, and this time he profited "A lot of the time things happen when you don't expect them. I've had a lot of times this winter when I've been trying to calculate how I'm getting in the team and how I'm going to get that opportunity." "That time hopefully has now come.

I've benefited from Foakesy having a freak accident and I think if I put in good performances over the next couple of games, that could see me bed into the squad moving forward. Bracey also spoke with Ben Foakes who gave him tips on how to get better on the field.

It will certainly be important if Bracey listens to these tips and applies them in the field. It will be interesting to see how Bracey manages and whether he will be at the top level "In Asia this winter I've kept to a lot of them in practice, in various practice games and that sort of thing.

"That's why I reached out to Ben in the last couple of days because there are little things that you don't get from not keeping to people in games." "He was really helpful and gave me a couple of little tips but today and tomorrow I'll definitely keep to them out in the middle and hopefully get a feel of each of them out, using the slope and that sort of thing as well."