Raj thinks it is necessary to forget the conflict between her and Powar

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Raj thinks it is necessary to forget the conflict between her and Powar

Mithali Raj and Ramesh Powar had a conflict with each other back in 2018. Raj believes that this is only a part of the past and that she should focus on helping her team "We can't be living in the past. I've played for so many years.

I don't have an ego," said Raj, who is quarantining in Mumbai ahead of the UK tour, as quoted by cricbuzz "And 21 years has been a long time for me to sort of, you know, go through many challenges. When it comes to playing for India, it's like serving your country, so personal issues, I don't given any weightage.

Raj believes that she and Powar must work together in order for the team to achieve the best possible result "He is the coach, and he has his set of plans. It's important that both of us are aligned on the same page to take the team forward.

Because even his goal is the same: that the team does well in the World Cup. It's everybody's goal in the team. "I've never been a confrontational person nor I am someone who carries the past into the present.

Otherwise, I wouldn't have survived for so long in a sport." "It's important we are on the same page and take the team along, because we are at a very crucial phase of our preparation for the World Cup."


Test format matches will certainly not be easy, of which Raj is also aware, and that they should not have too high expectations "I think sometimes it's good to not get into a game with the baggage of expectations, as in like most of them are making their debut and some of us are playing after a long time, she said.

The Indian national team will now have a chance to play more games than it used to be, and those games will certainly help them prepare the team. "It is great that BCCI is trying to organise Test matches in Bilateral series and I believe that every player around the world would want to play more games.

We also have continuity."

"We play another Test in Australia, and it is going to be a historical one for the Indian team because it will be the first time that you're playing a day-night Test, that too at the WACA(Perth)," she said, summing up with her thoughts on the return of the long format.