Elgar: "Our skill level hasn't been where it should be"

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Elgar: "Our skill level hasn't been where it should be"

Dean Elgar will be the captain of the South African match in test matches against St Lucia. Elgar is aware that his team is not at the level it used to be, but with his experience and authority, he can help South Africa to fix all the previous mistakes.

"Now that we're in a new chapter we need to play more cricket, and we need to play better cricket," Elgar told an online press conference on Saturday, as quoted by cricbuzz "We're very conscious that over the last period we haven't been very consistent.

Our skill level hasn't been where it should be." He believes that he needs to help his team and raise them to a higher level "We want to compete and we want to play in a final of the World Test Championship; that's pretty high on my bucket list," Elgar said.

"But I understand that there's a way and a process you've got to follow in order to do that. We've need to get back to more consistent cricket, a more South African way." "It's challenging to get players to believe in the process and to do it quickly and adapt quickly.

I'll do everything in my power to get us up the rankings."

South Africa before

He also discovered what it was that made them one of the better teams "We've always had fast bowlers as our natural weapons, and a batting line-up that's scored heavily.

We need to get back to scoring big hundreds." "We need to get back to taking five-fors. Like it used to be - something we were accustomed to growing up; a rich culture of success. We know that we need to get back to those kinds of South African characteristics."

The cricbuzz journalist joked and told Elgar that his beard was greyer unlike when he made his debut "I'm going to call it wisdom and knowledge," he said of his new look. "Nothing to do with the job, but I think [my beard] might be a little bit whiter after my two-year appointment."

Miller, Ngidi, Nortje, Rabada are just some of the names that made up the team that is now much weaker "Those players are so valuable for us," Elgar said. "Unfortunately the demand for them around world cricket is great.

To have them and their knowledge back is something I wouldn't be able to replicate. We don't have a load of experience floating around so those players are massive for our environment."