Kumble believes that players must become mentally stronger after this

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Kumble believes that players must become mentally stronger after this

Director of Cricket Operations of Kings XI Punjab, Anil Kumble believes that the pandemic will affect the players and that it is necessary to talk to them as much as possible and help them Asked about the situation about COVID, he answered: "All of us have not ventured out over the last 4-5 months, it's been a challenge.

The good thing is that, as cricketers, you have an opportunity to play in a safe environment where we are trying to minimize risks. It's new to all of us. As a sportsperson, you tend to adapt to whatever situations you are in.

It's a long period and we are going there almost three and a half weeks prior to the tournament. This is the first time that an IPL team has got together that early, although all the players won't be there because of their international commitments", as quoted by cricbuzz

COVID problems

He believes that keeping balance will be crucial after COVID "For a player, it will be a challenge to get into the groove quickly and maintain that because it's going to be a long tournament.

IPL has its ups and downs and every team goes through that. So, you have to keep calm and not worry about what happens to the result because if it's a good result, we tend to react to it and if it's a bad one, sometimes we overreact.

Keeping a balance will be the key. With the experience that I've had over the years, I think I'll be able to manage that balance. Having said that, it's important that the players also feel comfortable going through that process, because everybody who's played in the IPL knows that it's not going to be smooth sailing.

They just need to focus on a particular game rather than the next month." Kumble thinks that the health of the players is the most important thing in these moments and to ensure a positive environment "Getting used to the SOP will be the biggest challenge.

The Health and safety of players and support team will be most important, so we'll have to make sure that everyone follows the SOP. Managing the bubble, ensuring players' safety will be a task. I'm sure there will be times when we'll have to motivate them.

It's not easy living in a bubble and we'll have to make sure they're in a happy space. In such a scenario, it's about managing life and the players' mental space rather than cricket because that comes naturally to them once they get on to the field. So, communication will be the key."