Seifert: "I was the only overseas player basically still left in India"

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Seifert: "I was the only overseas player basically still left in India"

New Zealand player Tim Seifert was tested on COVID and his test turned out to be positive, which meant he had to spend time in quarantine before going to New Zealand "I got pulled aside and told I had tested positive and my heart sank straightaway when everyone left," Seifert recalled, as quoted by cricbuzz "I was the only overseas player basically still left in India out of the whole tournament.

That's when things got a little bit real. My room looked over the entrance of the hotel so when they were leaving I was waving goodbye to them." He says he was upset after he found out he was positive, especially because of the situation in India "The world stops a little bit, I just couldn't really think what was next and that's the scary part of it - you hear about things, and I thought that was going to happen to me," Seifert said while breaking down.

"The news is all about a lack of oxygen, you don't know if you're going to be in that situation. It's just the whole unknown of what Covid is, how you're going to react to it. I was healthy. I had the energy to get out of bed.

I was happy with the situations and plans."

McCullum and Fleming

Brendon McCullum and Stephen Fleming ensure Seifert finds himself in a safe environment "It definitely was hard and I couldn't thank Brendon and Fleming enough, they made everything a lot easier," he said.

"Making sure things would be put in place and the KKR, the CSK support staff, management, CEO of KKR - they made life easy for me to know that everything would be alright and when that time was to come home, they would do everything to get me home safely and on time."

He says that he tried to be positive, and that he will get married in a few months "Once a few days had gone by, everything had kind of died down a little bit," he pointed out. "I just knew it was a time of getting through it, looking at the positives.

I'm getting married in two months so that's exciting. My fiancee Morgs - she's quite happy that I'm back a bit earlier so I can help plan for that. "Talking to some of the English boys that were over there before the IPL...

everything that they were saying was doing well. You only kind of heard good things, the structures, and all the plans that have been put in place." "That was a good point of view for a player to go over there, and to be honest the whole time while I was over there, the bubble felt good... felt safe."