Zak Crawley dissatisfied with the referee's decisions

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Zak Crawley dissatisfied with the referee's decisions

In the last match, Zak Crawley was not satisfied with the referee's decision to play the match despite the bad light that bothered all the players. "On Friday, I was at deep square when a couple of balls got hit out and I didn't see them at all really," he said.

"I don't know if anyone else was feeling the same. It's a difficult one, if someone cops one on the head because they didn't see the ball in the field or a batsman cops one on the arm and misses the rest of the series, that's life changing differences in their career or their lives."

"I was thinking, if I was batting right now I'd probably want to go off. That's they way you've got to think. As a fielder I was frustrated, you want to keep going, but walking off I was thinking I'd want to take the light if I was batting.

You have to look at it from both sides and probably the right decision was made. It was pretty dark. "It hasn't happened in this game yet but who's to say if we come out and it's dark someone doesn't breaks their arm or get hit in the head by a cricket's a difficult balance.

It's not for me to say if it's too dark. It's umpires' responsibility to look after the players."

He expects better form

Crawley is aware that he has to play better if he wants a place on the team "It's an understandable decision at the time.

With Ben not being able to bowl, it was to do with the balance of the side," Crawley said. "No complaints from me. It was frustrating; I'd love to be playing for England but when we win both games it proved to be the right decision.

"I'd love to score enough runs so my position in the side becomes more stable. I probably need some runs in the next few games to cement it a bit more. Each time I go out I want to score good runs and hopefully in a few games time, or longer down the line, my place in the side will be secure and I'll play for a while."

He wants to achieve even better results for England and play without pressure "I massively want to score a hundred for England. I don't want to put myself under pressure, I feel that could create too much pressure as I get closer.

I'm trying to score in little sets of 10. No doubt, the first one is probably the hardest to get so I'm very much looking forward to the day I hopefully can get one. There's a lot of hard work yet."