Cheteshwar Pujara believes his team can beat New Zealand

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Cheteshwar Pujara believes his team can beat New Zealand

Cheteshwar Pujara has become one of the main links in the India team. The 33-year-old batsman has been playing great lately and seems to be in top form. In an interview with cricbuzz Pujara talked about the impact of the pandemic on him, about the upcoming games as well as about his national team.

In addition to cricket, the pandemic affected the entire situation in the world and most people had to adapt to the new conditions. It was not easy for anyone, and Pujara revealed how the pandemic affected him "This is a tough time for everyone across the world, and it's a situation that happens once in 100 years or more.

The fortunate part is that we are able to play and the WTC final is going ahead as per schedule." "Even if we are short preparation wise, I feel the team has enough experience to deliver a strong performance."

"This Indian team, in recent times, has shown the wherewithal to win on all surfaces and we will carry that confidence into the match against New Zealand and the subsequent Test series against England. In addition to the change in the rules, the pandemic also affected the team's training "When it comes to my batting - you can't have different methods.

But when it comes to training, you have to figure out different ways to do it, especially when you are in quarantine." "You have to speak to the trainer to figure out different ideas to keep yourself fit and occupied.

The quarantine ahead of every series becomes the most challenging part." "The positive thing is that players are eager to train even during the quarantine and that helps us stay in the best shape once we start practice.

WTC final

India and New Zealand will be in the WTC final and we could really expect a great game of both teams considering their form. Pujara gave an opinion regarding the finals "The Indian team has charted a remarkable journey in the last two years.

We have played well to qualify for the final and everyone is looking forward to it." "The India-New Zealand final will be a clash between two top-quality sides. It will definitely be a good game as both teams are evenly matched.

Asked which bowler they need to look out for, Pujara replied: "I don't want to name any particular bowler in their line-up. Their bowling attack is very well-balanced. We have faced their bowlers before and have a fair idea of how they operate, the angles they use and we will be prepared."