Mehidy Hasan: "I had tried to improve my batting"

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Mehidy Hasan:  "I had tried to improve my batting"

Mehidy Hasan will be in the Bangladesh national team again after he showed how much he can and how much he knows. After being away for a while, he will be part of the team again "Shakib bhai once said that he worked really hard with his batting, and that left a deep impact in my mind," Mehedy told Cricbuzz.

"It was a great achievement for me that I could score a century in Test cricket.

I couldn't do well in the international cricket with my batting at the beginning, I had tried to improve my batting, and day by day I'm doing better," he said. "It becomes a great advantage not only for me, but also for the team, as if I can score 30, 50, 100 runs from the position I bat in," he said.

"I think my role as a batsman is very important in the position I bat (number seven)." He says he tries to work on himself every day and become a better player "I try to develop myself day after day, as I put most efforts on my batting, because batting is very uncertain, as if you miss a certain delivery, you can get out, and that's the end of the story," Mehidy said.

" "If I can become a true all-rounder it would help the team, and me," he said.

First days

Hasan believes that the first few days will be crucial "It's true that I need to do well abroad. At home spinners tend to get the advantage from the very beginning but away, we get the advantage from the third day."

"I think the first couple of days are very important for me. I feel containing the runs helped my team a lot, which is very important in Test cricket, even though I couldn't grab too many wickets." His main task is to create chances "We specifically bowl to contain runs on overseas pitches, because when we try to take wickets there, we tend to give away runs.

And when we give away runs, it puts us under pressure," he said. "You never can forcefully take wickets in Test cricket. You always need to create chances, to grab wickets, even in the good spinning tracks, as it isn't like you can get ten wickets creating ten chances."

"You might get around two in those ten chances. You need to create as many chances as possible so that you can take maximum wickets." "That is exactly what I try. I try to create chances by containing runs, so that, if I bowl around 20-30 overs in a particular inning, I can create somewhere around 20 chances, but it doesn't ensure me of having 20 wickets." " If luck favours me, then I can have a couple of wickets from those chances."