Kusal Perera wants his team to play fearless cricket

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Kusal Perera wants his team to play fearless cricket

Kusal Perera became the new captain of Sri Lanka. As he says, coaches expect him to take on more responsibilities, and they expect much better performances in the future. "What the selectors told me when they appointed me was that I often get a 50 or a 60 and get out without getting to a 100," Perera said, as quoted by cricbuzz "I accept that.

If I score a hundred, the chances of winning the match go up. You can't get a 100 every game, but when you get a start, you need to make sure you convert. They expect me to take that responsibility." The new captain believes that his team must be mentally strengthened, and that they must not be afraid of defeat and failure "We have to play fearless cricket to win matches," he pointed out.

"You can't be fearful about losing. If you're worried about your place, you aren't going to give 100%. "What I'm going to tell the players is to go and give it everything. If we play fearlessly even when we are practicing, then you will be able to play the same way in a match."

"That's what I've told the team. If we are fearful, we will fall even further. I'm trying to build a culture where the players have a lot of confidence."

Fearless cricket

It seems to be an approach that he applies, and it is probably what has brought him the most success.

"I really like to play fearless cricket personally, and that's where my success has been," he noted. "Whenever I've played with fear, it hasn't worked for me. I want everyone else to play like that.

You can't guarantee that you will go right playing this way, but the chances of things going well are greater." "But you have to practice well to instill that fearlessness. Because if you are 100% certain about the shot you're playing, you can play without fear.

He is optimistic before the next match with Bangladehs "You need to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Where does the ball need to be for me to hit it? Will I get myself in trouble by hitting there?" "You need to have that understanding.

If you're a bowler, you need to know which ball can get you a wicket, and which will help you bowl a dot." "These things help you play fearlessly. As a fielding unit, you have to carry that same ethos as well, and I have big hopes for the upcoming Bangladesh series about our fielding."