Mustafizur Rahman feels tired at the time of the pandemic

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Mustafizur Rahman feels tired at the time of the pandemic

Mustafizur Rahman looks tired of the bubble and says it is very hard to function during a pandemic. After the IPL was postponed, matches for the national team of Bangladesh await him, but he will still have to spend some time in quarantine.

'It's very tiring (living continuously in the bio-bubble), and it is getting difficult day-by-day,'' Mustafizur told Cricbuzz from his hotel room where he is completing the institutional quarantine. ''Hotel room and venue...

how long can you enjoy the same routine? It is all the same (Covid-19 protocols), whether it is international cricket or IPL and it is difficult for everyone. ''But there is nothing I can do. I was in a bio-secure bubble in India and now doing quarantine here.

We have not travelled like other passengers. After a member of one team was found positive, we were in a room in quarantine." "We were locked in one room for nearly five to six days, and later came in the plane that was rented for us and now doing quarantine,'' he added.


Although Mustafizur was not in the form he expected him to be, he has now managed to catch the rhythm and it looks like he could have a better season "The rhythm was very good and I was able to do whatever I wanted to.

I tried my best from my part and now it is up to you to judge how I fared." "They (RR) had given me priority, and I am happy that they gave me the chance to bowl with the new ball and I tried my best to meet their expectations."

"I knew Sangakkara from my Dhaka Dynamites days and I knew what he expects from me. Everyone else helped me to be comfortable in the dressing room." Mustafizur trains hard and is still working on some details that could help him ''I am trying the slower one from the back of the hand for a long time and it will take more time to master it.

I was doing it in the nets, so tried it in the middle one day. The slower yorker is a very difficult ball." "In T20s, you have to take this kind of risk... just tried it and it clicked. I have been working on it for a long time but couldn't do it. After coming to the IPL from New Zealand, it seemed as if I was able to bowl that.