Khaled Mahmud believes Domingo Russell is not the only culprit

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Khaled Mahmud believes Domingo Russell is not the only culprit

After the desperate results of the Bangladesh team, many found the culprits for such results. However, most consider Russell Domingo to be the biggest culprit. They think he is the one who had to do better. Khaled Mahmud, Bangladesh Team Leader believes Domingo should not be blamed and that Domingo is doing his best to help the team "We should not make Russell a 'scapegoat','' Mahmud told Cricbuzz on Wednesday (May 5) before submitting his report to the board.

"We should not make the coach fully responsible for any good and bad. He was also a coach of a big team. There was no blunder in his effort, perhaps he was unlucky." "It happens many times. It is too early to say anything now.

I just worked with him in a series and all I can say is that he is trying," he added.


Mahmoud believes the main problem is communication between coaches and players, given that Russell comes from South Africa "We need to explain to the boys about our planning and later we have to tell them constantly what needs to be done and Domingo needs to understand it," said Mahmud.

''He (Domingo) is not working in South Africa. In Bangladesh, things work differently and our boys need to be reminded about their responsibility from the dressing room time and again and our cricket culture."

"In other top cricketing nations that is not how it operates as cricketers are expected to fulfill their responsibility and act accordingly without telling them now and then that this needs to be done or that needs to be done."

"I've tried to convey this message and I've talked about it. It takes time to build a relationship. But I have tried to explain what I know about Bangladesh cricket," he added. As stated earlier; It is necessary that the players play as expected of them and that they must complete the tasks I don't think there is any such discussion (sacking Domingo).

We have to understand that you can't hire a coach just by wishing it as there are lot things that needs to be taken into consideration," said Mahmud. "We have to understand that coaches are not solely responsible for failure or success because eventually, the cricketers have to play and one thing we must understand is that no point in blaming the coach alone rather we have to make a plan and implement it so that we can take the game forward."