Russell: "Mental fatigue is the reason for bad performances"

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Russell: "Mental fatigue is the reason for bad performances"

Bangladesh did not have such a nice day in the match against Sri Lanka. Their team was not at the required level and obviously, they were missing something. Bangladesh coach Russell Domingo believes that mental fatigue is the biggest reason for a bad game and that this team needs a break to recharge their batteries.

"It is a combination of a few facts. The guys have spent so much time on the field in the last 4-5 days. They are probably a little bit mentally fatigued, after being in the field for 370-odd overs." "It wears you down physically and mentally as a cricketer.

It could be one of the reasons," Domingo told reporters after the third days play, as quoted by cricbuzz "We spent a lot of time in the field and all teams reach a breaking point. Our breaking point came this afternoon when we were batting.

So it has been a tough day for us. "There's no excuse (for the batting failure). The guys are trying the hardest. They are putting in the effort. I am not giving an excuse but we spent a lot of time in the field."

"I suppose mentally there was a lapse and a breakdown after spending so much time on their legs over the last four or five days. It has been a partly reason for our demise today," he added.


They are aware that they now face a tough job against Sri Lanka, given the backlog that exists.

But the Bangladesh team knew how to come back in many matches, so Russell hopes that the same thing could happen this time as well. Obviously, Russell will have to make some changes, and mentally lift the team in order to reach the desired goal.

"There's still a lot of cricket to be played here in the next couple of days. There's no need to be thanking Sri Lanka for anything. As you can see, it is not easy to bat now. "We were part of an unbelievable Test match a few months ago, when West Indies chased down 387 [395].

We know that we are way behind the game at the moment." "We are under a lot of pressure. Sri Lanka are dominating at the moment. But if we can pick up early wickets tomorrow morning, cause a little bit of jitters in the change room, you never know."

"Somebody comes out and plays a great innings. So we have to remain positive going into day four, tomorrow," he concluded.