Taskin Ahmed has finally decided to fulfill his potential!

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Taskin Ahmed has finally decided to fulfill his potential!

Taskin Ahmed, once the great hope of Bangladesh did not live up to expectations. He really had no luck in his career; many injuries prevented his progress and prevented him from fulfilling his potential. At the end of 2019, he decided to make changes in his career and found coach Mahbub Ali who helped him "In late 2019, Taskin called me one day and said that he was ready to take up the challenge and wants to transform as a bowler," Mahbub told Cricbuzz.

"We formed a team where we had trainers, physio and dietician along with body builders. We worked on his muscle so that he can gain more strength, keeping the injuries in mind," he said. When Coronavirus appeared, Taskin went to the gym, started training at home, and devoted himself entirely to cricket.

"Being a fast bowler, Taskin is all about pace and speed. Without pace, he is nothing. Even Taskin expressed his desire to bowl around 150kph," Mahbub said. "For that, we started working on various aspects right from his body transformation to muscle development along with developing his running technique," he said.

"We knew until he takes his fitness level to a world-class standard, it is not possible for him to reach the goal considering his current age."


Taskin and his coach are maximally dedicated to him and his training.

Taskin wants to increase his bowling speed but seems to have problems with his pace. Still, they hope that with training he will correct everything he lacked "That is the benchmark for me as he could bowl over 148 kmph as it can be increased to 150 kmph but the problem is that at times his pace gets lessened like say when he bowled in the President Cup he was bowling around 145kmph later in the following two tournaments he bowled in 141 and 137 that meant his graph was coming down again it went up over 140," he said.

"What I want to say is that it takes time to increase pace but somehow if it goes down than it becomes difficult. So we have to give him the liberty to bowl his heart out." "It is always difficult for express pacers to bowl at a tight line and length consistently.

We were working on that aspect and even Taskin realized that really well," Mahbub added. Certainly, commitment and self-belief can make a big difference. Taskin realized it was time to get serious and fulfill his potential, to become a real version of himself