Shocking defeat of Pakistan by England

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Shocking defeat of Pakistan by England

The defeat of Pakistan in the match with England was a big shock for the coach of Pakistan Younis. However, he believes that the team will play better over time and that inexperience is the main reason for this defeat. "They are inexperienced, we can see that.

And we don't have a choice," Waqar said on the eve of the second Test in Southampton. "But unless they play, they can't gain experience. We have to wait and be patient. Both Shaheen and Naseem are very talented.

They are the ones who set up the last Test by bowling really well in the first innings. They bowled well in the second innings as well but were a little unfortunate. "We cannot match our fast bowling experience with England's, there's no doubt about it.

But you have to remember that our bowling attack is the same lineup that won us games against Sri Lanka at home. The series is not over, we will bounce back."

Naseem Shah-New big star?

He believes that Naseem Shah is a huge talent and that his time is yet to come.

This young man is only 17 years old. "With Naseem Shah, he is very very talented and he is only 17-18 years of age, so he is still growing, his bones are growing...," Waqar said. "I don't think he really bowled as well as we expected in the previous game, but he can really bowl well and take the opposition on at times.

Because he is young, he is inexperienced and it gets tough at times. He is one for the future, he is going to get stronger and fitter and will be able to bowl longer spells and will cause trouble to batsmen around the world.

Yasir, one of the best players in Pakistan, suffered an injury. It seems that the Pakistani team is out of luck "Yasir is a match-winner," Waqar added. "A very attacking bowler, he likes to be involved in the game all the time.

You see it with his batting, his bowling, and his aggressive approach. We are very lucky to have him. He has won Pakistan heaps of games in the past and his record really speaks for itself. "Unfortunately he couldn't really finish the game (in Manchester).

That pitch was tailor-made for him and he picked up eight wickets. He could have rolled England over but that is the way cricket goes. Sometimes it goes your way and sometimes it doesn't. We have full faith in him that he will deliver in the coming games."