Lewis: "It is frustrating. I have some sympathy for the bowlers"

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Lewis: "It is frustrating. I have some sympathy for the bowlers"

The second test match between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh happened to be identical. Like the previous time, the surface was again a major problem as were the weather conditions "It is frustrating. I have some sympathy for the bowlers," Bangladesh batting coach Jon Lewis said, as quoted by cricbuzz "Their efforts can't be faulted.

There isn't assistance for bowling of any type. We are lucky that we have five bowlers. We made the decision in this series to use five bowlers." "Looking at these surfaces so far, it has been a good decision. It is still hard.

The weather is debilitating. It is pretty warm out there." Lewis is pleased with how the attack did the job "I am impressed with the way the guys stuck to the task, but we have a few guys quite early in their Test career, particularly the seamers.

They are learning all the time, but we want to win Tests."

"Not learning about Test matches. But even on days like today, we can take some encouraging steps forward," he said.


His team was not creative, and Sri Lanka took advantage of that "Not many chances were created today.

In fact, in both Tests, it was tough to create too many chances around the bat. It is important on these surfaces that you make the most of the opportunities that the bowlers create. "We probably missed one or two, and guys work hard on their fielding.

It is a case of making it count in the middle. Maybe we did miss one or two today. Not ideal, but it is not due to lack of effort or attention to detail or practice," he added. They will still have to wait on the surface that will suit them "I don't want to judge the pitch on day one.

If it does play like the first one (Test), then that's necessarily not ideal," Lewis said. "There needs to be a bit more even contest between bat and ball. But if this starts to deteriorate and has more assistance to the spinners later in the game, then you can describe it as a decent Test pitch.

We will have to wait and see," Lewis said. Bangladesh will now try to improve their game and learn from their mistakes "I think it is a bit of a mirror image of the first Test. Although the pitch was good, we hoped to apply scoreboard pressure but Sri Lanka dealt with it very well.

We have to learn from that, and do the same," Lewis said. "It seems like Sri Lanka will get a big score. We will spend at least another couple of sessions in the field, and it is something we have to deal with."

"The pitch still looks good at the moment, and we have to deal with the fact that they have a score on the board. We have some batsmen with good form behind them after the first Test," he added.