Axar Patel was a key player in the win against SRH

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Axar Patel was a key player in the win against SRH

We could watch an interesting match between DC and SRH, in which DC won and thus showed that they are a very good team. Rishabh Pant decided to leave the ball to Axar Patel who surprisingly brilliantly used the opportunity he got and thus helped his team to win When I was in the dressing room, I knew that the pitch would assist spinners," Axar said, as quoted by cricbuzz "When we went down, there were a lot of discussions.

We thought initially that we could go with a pacer since they will be sending a lefty-righty combination." "After that, just when we were going to the ground, I thought, even a spinner could be effective. So I told Rishabh 'Even I can bowl, think about it'

So he spoke to Ricky and it was decided at the last moment that I will bowl." The decision of the coach and captain that Axar would be the one to bowl was amazing. Especially if we take into account that Lalit Yadav has played very well before and he was expected to be the one to take responsibility.

However, the coach did not think like that at the end, which turned out to be a good move.


Even more important is Axar's game when we take into account that he recovered from COVID but thought that he was ready and that he could help his team.

I was ready from my end," he said when asked about returning to the XI. "Team management asked me how I am feeling after [recovering from] Covid. You know your body better. I had done four sessions already." "In Chennai's wicket, the ball has been coming slow and turning.

I told the management that I'm match fit, so they told me that if I'm ready I will play straight away." I was bowling well even before COVID - in the Tests as well as the T20s," he recalled. "I was carrying that confidence.

I wasn't thinking too much about COVID ... obviously, it was a frustrating phase. In addition to physical fitness, Axar was also mentally ready and did not want to think about COVID "My teammates were also calling me up and talking to me.

I was only looking at the positives. I didn't want to think too much about how I would perform after returning - whether my batting or bowling would be affected." "I worked a bit on my basics. I spent some time in the nets.

The freedom I wanted in my bowling, I got that from my four sessions. I realised then that I was ready with my body and mentally."