Mickey Arthur has great confidence in his team

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Mickey Arthur has great confidence in his team

Sri Lanka coach Mickey Arthur believes that the team is ready for the new match against Bangladesh and that Wanindu Hasaranga is one of the most important players who could make a big difference on the field. Arthur doesn't want to put too much pressure on the player but is convinced that Hasaranga could be key in the match "There will be a burst from the fast bowlers with the new ball.

But if we're going to get close tomorrow, it's going to be Wanindu Hasaranga that's going to get us close. I don't want to put too much pressure, I just think he's such a fantastic player," Arthur said, as quoted by cricbuzz


Arthur says that pressure is a funny thing and that they are a team that is serious and knows how to deal with pressure.

Arthur has great confidence in his team and finds it very difficult to beat them "We're certainly thinking about winning. That's how we want to play our cricket. That's such an important culture to inculcate in a dressing room.

" "We're not here to make up the numbers. I said to the guys in the West Indies that first of all we want to be a team that's hard to beat, before we become a winning team, because that's kind of the cycle.

"I think we are a team that's hard to beat. We played some hard-nosed cricket in the West Indies on some very flat surfaces." "We'll show some intent tomorrow and who knows where the day goes? It is very flat, but pressure's a funny thing.

If we get ourselves enough in front and leave ourselves enough overs, who knows what could happen?," Arthur added. The coach is pleased with the performance of his team in the match against Bangladesh where his players moved great and showed a good mentality.

He is happy for the partnership of his team and it looks like this could mean much better days for Sri Lanka "The initial goal this morning was to have parity by the end of play today. We're in a really good position.

We scored at a good rate. I thought the partnership was good this morning - they absorbed the new ball spells well, and then scored quite freely. They've run well between the wickets and I've loved the intensity. Couldn't be happier with that partnership and how the day went.