Shoaib Akhtar: "Haider Ali has to mature soon."

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Shoaib Akhtar: "Haider Ali has to mature soon."

Haider Ali did not excel in matches against South Africa in the T20i series. Nothing went his way and he failed to catch the rhythm. Given his age, he shouldn't be blamed so much. He is still an inexperienced player who will surely have a great future given the talent and quality he possesses.

A couple of bad matches can’t define a player. But Shoaib Akhtar, the legendary Pakistani pacer, does not share the same opinion. Akhtar blames Ali for the bad game and thinks Ali had a lot of mistakes. Akhtar believes that Ali should have focused on some other things such as running and that this is exactly what he lacked in the match “Haider Ali does not understand the situation sometimes.

It is not always important to hit big, sometimes you run through the game. You try to handle some situations with maturity and try to ease off certain parts." "It could come through running between the wickets and adding pressure on the opposition.

You don’t always have to try to get fours and sixes." "You can tap and take two so that you can shock the field. I think he needs to learn this side of the game as well,” Akhtar said, as quoted by cricketpakistan


Akhtar was direct in his address and believes that it is time for Ali to become mature and that he must take on more responsibilities.

Akhtar also believes that if Ali continues with games like this he will not get the chances he has so far. “He is a young guy and a prospect for Pakistan. But he has to mature soon. This maturity is very important since if he doesn’t mature then he will not receive too many chances."

"I would encourage him to be more responsible. The team requires more match-winning performances from Haider Ali,” he added. It is necessary to see the mistakes in the team and which players can take the burden.

Still, Akhtar believes there is no need to panic "I don’t think we need to panic too much. Our squad is set. It is set because we know what we need to do." "There is a lot to look into as far as our middle order is concerned.

We need to see who are the set players for our middle and lower order batting. We will continue to struggle until we can sort that out,” he said.