Mark Boucher: "I am hurt, I am extremely hurt at the moment"

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Mark Boucher: "I am hurt, I am extremely hurt at the moment"

South Africa head Marck Boucher does not record such good results on the South African bench. His team is in bad shape and almost nothing is going their way. Given everything that happened in the previous period, Mark Boucher decided to apologize and took responsibility for the poor results.

Still, he believes there is no doubt that his team will get back on track “I take a massive amount of responsibility and I should. I don’t shy away from it. I am hurt, I am extremely hurt at the moment, as is the rest of the management and coaching staff."

"We put a lot of hard work and effort into this. But there’s no panic from me yet because I do understand that we have been given some trying circumstances over the last period of time and we will continue to put in hard work,” said the coach, to ESPNcricinfo.


Many South African players have had to return to the Indian Premier League to play for their teams. Now Boucher will have to think well about the team, and who could have the advantage of playing in the first team. After all the games, Boucher now has a better insight into his team and he could put his team together much better “I am not going to make excuses.

We’ve still got to try and win with whichever players we put on the park but it has been tough. There have been a lot of positives" "With the opportunities that have been given, a couple of guys have come through with flying colours,” he said.

“It’s given us a better view of what our depth is like, so I’ve got a fair idea of a larger squad we can look at,” said Boucher. Given the qualities of individual players, it will not be easy for him, but he hopes for their quick return to the team.

The league should end at the end of May, and then the players should return “We have to get our squad back together, get all of our players fit and available to play. We always earmarked the West Indian trip as being when our full squad needs to be together."

"Going forward now we need to start looking at the World Cups and start building on a formula we want to play. It’s a matter of getting all the guys together and getting them used to each other and hopefully used to winning a couple of games together,” he said.