Ponting: "We didn't adapt, and we didn't execute as well as we could have tonight."

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Ponting: "We didn't adapt, and we didn't execute as well as we could have tonight."

R Ashwin played for DC's after the break. He had a great match, but still, his team did not win. The Royals took advantage of mistakes and came away with the win "That's certainly something that we will talk about when I get a chance to sit down with the team," Ricky Ponting, DC's head coach, said after the game, as quoted by cricbuzz "Ashwin had bowled beautifully.

Three overs, none for 14. Hadn't even conceded a boundary. He had a disappointing game in game one, but he has worked really hard in the last few days to make sure he adjusted and got things right in this game." "I thought he bowled beautifully tonight.

Probably a mistake on our behalf, and something we will be talking about later on." Ponting explained his choice of team "We are trying to pick teams based on what the conditions are every game," said Ponting.

"We made the two changes from game one to game two obviously with Rabada being available for selection. " "He had to come straight back into the side and we're looking to try and get the right balance. At the moment with Axar Patel not available for selection, our balance is out a little bit, so we tried to sort of mix and match things a little bit today.

" "We also wanted to give Lalit Yadav an opportunity and show us what he's capable of in the middle. "Even around the-13 over the mark of bowling innings in the second innings, everything was going according to plan, so we just made a few errors coming in into the last four-five overs of the game."

"When you're a little bit off against any team in the IPL, if you just bowl a couple of bad balls and overs here and there is quite often the difference in the outcome and we didn't get things right in the back-end tonight."


Chris Morris had many chances to be a gift from the opponent "We probably gave him (Morris) a few too many easy balls, a few too many slot balls if you like," Ponting said. "The length wasn't quite where it needed to be."

"If you look at the replay of the game, if you bowled a reasonable yorker, he didn't score off them." "If it was back of a length, sort of, above stump high, he didn't get hold of them either, especially with pace on the ball.

We talked about how to bowl to him, but the execution probably wasn't there. "The other thing you have got to factor in is just how wet and how dewy the ball was in the second innings of the game. It wasn't easy for the bowlers to grip."

"You could see it at the end there. There were a few full tosses that fast bowlers bowled with the ball slipping out of their hand a little bit." "That's part and parcel of IPL cricket. We knew coming here that there will be a little bit of dew in the second half of the game. And we didn't adapt, and we didn't execute as well as we could have tonight."