Riyan Parag: "It was always okay for me to play as a finisher in my first year"

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Riyan Parag: "It was always okay for me to play as a finisher in my first year"

Riyan Parag is considered one of the greatest talents in the world of cricket. He proved to be an important player for the Royal, and it looks like he will have a great career. In an interview with cricbuzz, he revealed what it feels like to have such an important role at 19, what it’s like to be a finisher on a team, and more.

Parag revealed how he found out he was going to be a finisher "I wasn't told that at the start of the tournament. Halfway through the tournament, I started bowling, so I had an element of mystery as well." "They asked if I could do it in a match, so I practised my bowling with Ish Sodhi and Sairaj Bahatule sir and then I mostly went in as a bowler who could bowl two overs."

"And then I got an opportunity to go and bat and develop my game as a finisher. I think that's always been in my instincts so it just took over from there. What it's like to be a finisher at 17, Parag said: "When I started playing cricket, I have always been two years younger than my age group.

I finished my Under-16 when I was 14, I made my debut when I was 12." " finished my Under-19 when I was only 17. I have always had the taste of playing with older boys with a bigger gap in terms of skill level."

"It was always okay for me to play as a finisher in my first year, I had developed the instincts of playing in the middle order during my Under-19 days.


Given the role he plays in the team, how does it feel when you end the match without getting to bat.

Does it bother him? "No, it doesn't actually. I had a chat with Virat Kohli during the last IPL. He specifically told me that 'you are not going to get the Orange Cap. You bat No. 5 or No. 6 so there is no point in you thinking about the Orange Cap."

"You just think about how you can get those crucial 20 or 30 runs and when you get the chance to go in at a crucial phase, just think how you can get the team through.' " "So that really fit in my mind and now I don't think about how many runs I'm getting, I just think how my runs are benefiting the team.