Mahmud: "We don't have much time and we have to make the most of it"

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Mahmud: "We don't have much time and we have to make the most of it"

Bangladesh hasn't been playing so well lately. Everyone in the team is aware of that, from the players to the coaches. Bangladesh is known as a respectable team, but there seems to be something missing in the team. After the defeat by the West Indies in the Test series, bad games followed against New Zealand as well.

Khaled Mahmud, the former captain of their team, believes that this team has potential and that they must learn from the mistakes they made in previous matches. "We don't have much time and we have to make the most of it, and I'm hoping for a good outcome,'' Mahmud said.

''Even though our last Test series wasn't fruitful enough, I think we have the capabilities, and the same goes for our last foreign tour in New Zealand." "Playing in Sri Lanka will generate new opportunities.

We have played there before, so we are quite familiar with the conditions. Maybe we haven't played in Kandy before but we've played in Colombo. ''We obviously want to win and we want to dominate over there by playing the best cricket possible and by being the better team.

It's a game of five days, so we need to play session by session." "Previously against the West Indies, we had lost the match even though we had dominated the first four days. We don't want to make it a pattern and repeat those mistakes and we want to keep our concentration level high,'' he added.

Team Leader

Mahmoud, who will be the Team Leader, is aware of the problems that exist, but he believes that this can be solved. However, it seems that all players will have the same treatment and that no one will have any benefits in the team.

"Of course, there are some problems but I believe that these are not big issues and I can take care of those. I have my own ideas in place and want to carry on with it." "I know how to talk with them because I have worked with them at one point or the other and none of them are new around here."

"I don't consider anyone as young even though the likes of Tamim (Iqbal), Mushfiqur (Rahim), and Mominul (Haque) are far more experienced than the rest." "I'd still say they are all the same as everyone that is wearing the Bangladesh jersey and have the same amount of responsibility,'' he noted.