Harbhajan Singh: "My role is to be ready to bowl at any point in time"

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Harbhajan Singh: "My role is to be ready to bowl at any point in time"

Harbhajan Singh was great in the Kolkata Knight match. Morgan, who had only words of praise, was also pleased with his game "It's got more to do with matchups. There's a lot of preparation goes into analysing the batsmen of the opposition team and him bowling the first over was a decision based on that," Morgan said after the game, as quoted by cricbuzz "From there on, lending a hand when needed, he was outstanding.

Since the time he's come into the squad, he's had more energy than anybody else. He's bowling beautifully and, hopefully, that continues." Singh explained the complexity of such matches "Sometimes, these match-ups dominate the other way around.

At times, there's this feeling that if X bowler bowls to Y batsman, then he will get the wicket. I think it has got a lot to do with the way you see the game and think about the game," Harbhajan said on Monday. "A good enough batsman, or a good enough bowler, can do well against anyone else.

I have always believed that the team requirement comes first. As a player, there will be times when you don't get a lot of opportunities." "Like, against SRH, I got just one over. IPL is a very long tournament and I know I have a lot of work to do for the team.

"There will be times when I'll have to bowl difficult four overs. I will have to take wickets of right-handers." "Now there is this tradition that a right-arm offspinner doesn't bowl to a right-handed batsman and a left-arm offspinner doesn't bowl to left-handed batsman.

Cricket has continued to stay the same but we've managed to complicate things." "Today also batsmen get dismissed like the way they used to. We've limited our vision is what I feel and we need to be open about things."


Harbhajan believes that for a team he must always be there and ready for everything "My role is to be ready to bowl at any point in time. Till the 20th over isn't bowled, my job is to be ready," Harbhajan said about his role.

"I have to be around the bowlers and advice things to do and be there for everyone. My role is to tell them whatever's there on my mind. "As a bowler, you need just one good ball to dismiss a good batsman. You can't be thinking that'll give away one run and attack the other batsman."

"You have to keep thinking about picking wickets and not think about containing runs. That's what I talk to the bowlers. "I talk to batsmen as well. I do talk to them about shot selection against spinners. I just want to be there for the players and give whatever knowledge I have."