Samson: "Myself and Sanga will try to give the best combination"

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Samson: "Myself and Sanga will try to give the best combination"

The new captain of the Punjab Kings, Sanja Samson, believes that his team will be much better in the rest of the season, and that Sanga can help him in that. "Myself and Sanga will try to give the best combination," said Samson on Sunday (April 11), as quoted by cricbuzz "From my point of view, it's crucial to give an individual or a pair of opening partners enough time in the tournament.

So, I think a bit of stability will be seen in this tournament. The rest it depends on how we go." Kumar Sangakkara, the director of cricket at the Royals, believes that the coach will choose the right team for the next matches and the right combinations "We look to finalise (combinations) later on today before we go for training and we want we want to keep our options open," said Sangakkara.

"The most important thing is that players are communicated to clearly as to what their roles are and get them to commit to it. "What we planned to do is get a balanced side, everyone available, a full squad, try and have a consistent philosophy of cricket.

The brand of cricket that we want to play is quite free and relaxed." "Also in terms of preparing well and executing well... to get everyone prepared to think and to be problem-solvers. To think for themselves. It helps Sanju a lot on the field when people are thinking for themselves and know what's going on."

"It builds a lot of trust within the group as well. Everyone has individual strengths that they bring into the side which are highly valued. We try and build that into a good unit where everyone knows what they're doing, what their value is and what their roles are."

"Then we'll go and try to play some good cricket."

Big names

The team consists of really great names who can do a lot "We have a lot of match-winners who are absolutely wonderful Sanju Samson, Rahul Tewatia, our fast bowlers."

"The key is to have different people who do something a little bit special on the day and the point of a great team performance is to have your regular players performing consistently and once in a while." "Someone stepping in to do a little bit extra.

If it's a different player most of the time and not the same person, it's even better." It is to be expected that they will play better and better at Royals, considering the quality they possess and the motivation that they obviously do not lack.