Despite Fakhar Zaman's great game, Pakistan was defeated by South Africa

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Despite Fakhar Zaman's great game, Pakistan was defeated by South Africa

After a win over South Africa, this time Pakistan lost and is now 1-1 in the series. Pakistan made a lot of mistakes, and they couldn’t find the right pace. South Africa looked better and took advantage of Pakistan’s poor game.

Fakhar Zaman kept Pakistan in the game. Zaman played great, but he couldn't do everything alone. At the end of the match, he says that the most important thing for him is the victory of the team and that his statistics are not the primary thing.

"I don't regret not getting the double, I regret losing the match," he said, as quoted by cricbuzz "If we had won this it would've been amazing so my regret is about that. The situation was such that I was only focusing on getting the win, not the double.

I couldn't finish it but I'd take scoring less runs than this and winning the game."

Leadership skills

At one point Zaman thought that his team could win and it seems that he was full of self-confidence as shown by his statistics.

He showed his leadership skills, but that didn’t help in the end. "Yes, to be honest (I thought we could win it even then). I think around the 25th over I just called Saifi bhai (Sarfraz Ahmed), he knows my game."

"I talked to him and said ask Babar can I start playing my natural game because Shamsi was bowling with small boundaries," Zaman said. "At that time I was feeling that if I start hitting then I could win the game for Pakistan."

"When wickets were falling and we were 200 for 7, I was just telling the others coming in to stick around." "Don't get out. Don't worry about the runs, don't get out. The wickets here, you can't stop runs on so I was just telling them to stick around with me, don't get out."

His teammates were not at the level he was at "If you're the first batsman, or the number 11, the first 10-15 runs are very difficult on these pitches," he pointed out. "On Asian wickets, it isn't like that but here it is.

Unluckily not many of our top order got through 20-25 balls. Until you get through that start here, you don't get runs." "Babar got a little set but others didn't so people got out quickly. Had anyone gotten set, it would've become easier but unfortunately, it just didn't happen."