Ul-Haq: "Babar and I were set today, we should finish the game"

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Ul-Haq: "Babar and I were set today, we should finish the game"

Pakistan was great in the match against South Africa, but they almost blew up everything they did. Dominating throughout the match, their players showed strength and knowledge, especially Azam and Ul-Haq. Still, South Africa woke up and it looked like they could make a big surprise.

Ramiz Raja joked and said that the reason for a match like this was because the Pakistani players wanted to have fun "You know there's this pandemic bringing everyone down these days and so we thought we'd entertain people a little," he quipped tongue-in-cheek, as quoted by cricbuzz However, he believes that the team that is trying to win trophies must get serious and that this can be worrying for their team.

"On a serious note, if you want to win big tournaments and become a top three team... it's not as if we don't talk about this in our meetings, it gets discussed, that if your top three get set in white-ball, then in other teams they don't just make 100, they get 150.

"That is what we're trying to do, like Babar [Azam] and I were set today, we should finish the game. We were playing an ODI after a long time. We want to learn from our mistakes and turn these 70s and 80s into match winning knocks and turn a win like this into a seven- or six-wicket win."

Imam wasn't happy

Imam was not happy at the end of the match, because of the opportunity he missed "To be honest, I'm very disappointed [in not finishing the game]," Imam said. "I've been waiting one and a half years since my last hundred.

I haven't had that many opportunities in the last year. You don't always get what you want, but I've got two more games to make up for it," he said. Although he is satisfied with his success, he did not expect that there would be a drop in concentration in the team and that the opposing team would use it.

"I enjoyed that hundred quite a bit," Azam said. "With Imam the plan was just to stretch that partnership as far as possible into the target. We just didn't want to lose focus at any stage." "We wanted to finish it but unfortunately, I got out, then Imam did and we had a bit of a collapse which put pressure on us. But Rizi and Shadab really had an outstanding partnership that brought us back into the game."