Mahmudullah believes Bangladesh can beat New Zealand

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Mahmudullah believes Bangladesh can beat New Zealand

Mahmudullah, a Bangladesh skipper, looks ready for the next T20i Series match against New Zealand. Although his team has not been playing so dominantly lately, and the results are not exactly ideal, Mahmdullah believes they need to change some things and start playing better.

He is also aware that the conditions will be very difficult to play, given the wind and the ball, but the players must be prepared '"Game awareness is very important for us in these conditions, as there is always some heavy wind and the balls travel very fast in the air and so the fielders need to be ready for the high and the flat catches," said Mahmudullah ahead of the T20I series, as quoted by cricbuzz "If the fielders are on alert and if we can capitalize those small chances in that particular moment, we can make a difference.

The fielding blunders had let us down, but in the T20I series, if we can play aggressive cricket, then it is very much possible to defeat them." " I believe we have the hunger to win and a win in New Zealand is much needed for us, so we would like to bring our best game on to the field."

ODI series

They are aware that they did not play well in the ODI series as we have already said, but there is optimism that they could learn from their mistakes. New Zealand is a good team, but if Bangladesh is focused on the match and the victory, their victory could very easily happen "We are disappointed, as we believe that we couldn't perform up to our level, in the ODI series; but in the T20 format, the differences between the sides don't come into play," he said.

"Whether it is a match between the ranked one side and the ranked 9-10 side, it doesn't matter much, as the team performing better on that particular day gets the win in that format. ''New Zealand played a wonderful T20I series against Australia recently, but still, it is a very uncertain format.

If we leave our mistakes from the ODIs in the past, then we can do better." "Obviously, we'll have to remember our mistakes, but we can't stretch it up to the T20I series, as it wouldn't be healthy for us psychologically.

We don't have any alternative to win, so we are ready for any challenge New Zealand throws at us," he added