Gary Wilson decided to end his career

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Gary Wilson decided to end his career

Gary Wilson, Ireland’s former captain has decided to end his career. After 16 years spent playing cricket, Wilson believes the time has come for him to retire. He has achieved a lot of success in his career and will be remembered as one of the best cricketers in Ireland.

He is proud of the success he has achieved and it is a pity that he has to leave his teammates and start a new life. "To step away from international cricket after 16 years is something I will miss dearly - I will miss the guys probably more than anything, but pulling on the shirt and playing for Ireland was the only thing I ever dreamed of growing up."

"To have played for Ireland 292 times is something I am very proud of - if I had thought I'd have made it 10 times growing up I would have snapped your hand off, so 292 times is something I'm very proud of," Wilson said, as quoted by cricbuzz Just as all players dream of playing for their national team, he had the same wish, and he managed to make his dream come true.

In addition, the proudest moment, as Wilson says, is when he was appointed as a captain of Ireland in 2018. "To be named T20 captain for Ireland in 2018 was probably my proudest moment internationally. Again, growing up it was something I could only dream of."

"As for achievements, obviously the various world cups and T20 world cups, but probably my best game in an Irish shirt came in a world cup match against UAE in Brisbane [he hit 80 from 69 balls and took two catches in a Player of the Match performance]."

"There were so many memorable games over the years - the Zimbabwe game in the same world cup was probably my favorite game to be part of," he added."

Balbirnie on Wilson

Andrew Balbirnie, Ireland Men's captain says Wilson was a great example to younger players and was always ready to help teammates "Gary was a brilliant teammate and a great friend to have - a guy who you would never hesitate to chat to about anything on or off the field."

"He was one of those people who - every time he pulled on the jersey - wore his heart on his sleeve, always leading by example in everything we were trying to do as a team. "Within the set-up, he was one who would always offer to help develop the next crop of young Irish cricketers."

"I have no doubt he will be a successful coach and I'm looking forward to seeing his progress. We are very fortunate to have someone like Gary still involved in Irish cricket - and long may it continue."