Asghar Afghan believes the match against Zimambwe is coming at the right time

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Asghar Afghan believes the match against Zimambwe is coming at the right time

Afghanistan will soon play three test matches against Zimbabwe and their main motive is victory and nothing else. Asghar Afghan believes that the match against Zimbabwe is coming at the right time because it will be a great overture before the Asia Cup and T20 World Cup, and such preparation will certainly come in handy.

"The T20I series comes at a good time for us as we prepare for the Asia Cup and T20 World Cup. It will give us a good idea," Afghan said ahead of the series against Zimbabwe,as quoted by cricbuzz "We have good experience already in T20 format but the more we play, the better we adapt ourselves," he said.

Some Afghanistan players were lucky because they had previously played for their clubs and managed to find their form. This will come in very handy for the whole team given the time of the pandemic "Of course the leagues (franchise-based) have a good effect on our players and the best thing was that these leagues kept them in touch with cricket.

Credit goes to these leagues as it helped keeping the love for cricket alive during the pandemic," he said.

Red-ball experience

Afghanistan did not fare well in red-ball cricket matches. Everyone in the team is aware of that and it seems that in the future they will work much harder and prepare much more for such matches "We learned a lot from this match.

Next time, we will try to conduct Preparation camps and four-day matches to build our temperament as we are not very experienced currently in red-ball cricket." "We will need to work harder and work more on our skills as the Test match skills are very different from white-ball cricket," Afghan said.

The Afghans tried to play much better in the second match, and to be more focused and more motivated, which they eventually succeeded in doing. "Of course, it is hard to make a strong comeback after that kind of a defeat in the first Match.

But, we had a plan for it - to work on our batting." "We held a two-day scenario match followed by practice sessions. In the second match, we strived to play our natural game and positive cricket since we had played comparatively poorer cricket in the first match."

"But, in the second match we played more positively and focused on our strengths and punished the bad balls," he added.