Tamim: "We always look forward to come to New Zealand"

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Tamim: "We always look forward to come to New Zealand"

Christchurch tragedy has hit the players of Bangladesh and it seems that they are still in shock after what happened and that the event is still in their heads Recall: Two consecutive mass shootings occurred at mosques in a terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand, during Friday Prayer on 15 March 2019.

Then the Bangladeshi players had to finish their tour which was also postponed "It's a very emotional part of our lives, as it took a long time for us to get over it. That's it; I just don't want to get into that thing because it's not a nice feeling to have," Tamim said on Wednesday (March 10), as quoted by cricbuzz However, they are happy to come to New Zealand and hope that such situations will not happen again because New Zealand is considered a friendly country where they feel comfortable.

"It wasn't a great time, but we have to look forward. This is probably my fourth or fifth time in New Zealand and we always look forward to come to New Zealand, as it is a beautiful country with very nice people."

"New Zealand has given us a lot of good reasons to come, and I'm sure in the future also, we won't hesitate to come."


This time there will be some changes again, but fortunately not for any reasons as before.

Now it is a pandemic that will change the length of their stay but will also change the protocols before and during the game. ''We have a probable 45 days of tour this time in New Zealand, whereas in a normal situation, we could have been touring for 20 days, and then go back home, and you have to do isolation for another 14 days."

"Things are different now, and we have to abide by the respective rules of the country as well," he said, adding that he is looking forward to reuniting with Daniel Vettori in Queenstown. He says he is lucky to see Vettori and have the opportunity to play with him again, but he is also happy to be reunited with the team and with the training they will have.

"He's( Vettori) actually already in Queenstown, ready for us, and we do have some practice sessions, and we do have practice game as well. So yeah, looking forward to it. We've been training in small groups in isolation, and now from tomorrow, we will be training as a team, so we are looking forward to it.' ' he said.