Ashwin: "We have not seen these times since World War 2."

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Ashwin: "We have not seen these times since World War 2."

India beat England in the Test Matches with a score of 3-1 and they achieved their goal. However, in the first match, the Indians did not look good. The players looked unmotivated, tired, and as if they could hardly wait for the end of the game.

Ravichandran Ashwin also spoke about it for Star Sports "I think the first Test in Chennai would have been different if we had a few more days off," Shastri told Star Sports after India's 3-1 series win in Ahmedabad, as quoted by cricbuzz "It's no excuse, England outplayed us there.

The boys were like zombies; they were tired and the fact that there were no crowds didn't help. Because everything was flat, so was the performance. But then a kick on the backside to reignite the pride in the system can make a lot of difference.

And it showed in the last three Tests." Ashwin thinks the second game was crucial and they showed how much they can actually do as a team "The way we wrested back the initiative in the second Test in Chennai (was important).

Being one-nil down, you can tend to want to protect your own backyard, want to play to the potential that everyone expects you to play at." "All these things are spoken from outside, but what we have done well in the last six months is stay in the moment, try to play the game as we see it, play what's in front of us, and also try to play some brave cricket."


The Indians have shown a phenomenal game, but everyone is aware that it is not easy at all to play under the conditions created by the pandemic "It's tough. For professional players, when they are under the hammer, it's really tough to get your best out and deliver for your country.

These guys have been magnificent. Australia was good, this was even better," Shastri said. "It's very easy to be hard on the boys. But from the beginning, when the season started, our main aim was to show empathy.

Because these are tough times; you have not seen these times since World War 2." "It's hard to play in the bubble, so you have got to show empathy and they have been magnificent," he added. Ashwin also talked about the bubble and how hard it is to stay trapped in hotels and adapt to hotel conditions "Sometimes, these hotels can be very, very claustrophobic, you don't even get fresh air and in Australia there were situations where you didn't have window panes opening also.

And for 14 days and then 20-25 days to stay inside that can be quite taxing," Ashwin said. "Communication isn't easy, especially when you're abroad. Cricket Australia or whoever it is, it goes back and forth, it takes time for everything to get an answer, so it is like when you're waiting on certain things...

" "It cannot be easy and many a time the team management has stood up and tried to resolve, look at what is best for the players, in terms of arranging the food that you get." "Very, very simple things, but these are the things we need to be fighting for in these situations because everything needs to go through the protocol, everything needs to be looked at," Ashwin added.