Rajasthan Royals want to establish an academy in Bangladesh

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Rajasthan Royals want to establish an academy in Bangladesh

Rajasthan Royals chairman Ranjit Barthakur has serious plans for the future. His goal is to form an academy located in Bangladesh where they would observe the best talents and thus strengthen their teams. "We want to open a [Rajasthan] Royal academy in Bangladesh," Barthakur told reporters on Thursday, as quoted by cricbuzz "The plan is yet to be finalized but we are thinking about [an academy] which can feed the whole IPL from here.

We would like to send our scouts to discover cricketers from the grassroots, to prepare them by honing their skills, so that both of the bodies (RR and BCB) can utilize their talents and skills. "I am here to see how we can have an exchange program, for cricket, so that we can flourish jointly, as the eastern Himalayan territory, rather than territories of India and Bangladesh.

Many Bangladeshi players throughout history have played in the Indian League and have proven to be good players. That is why it is not surprising that the Royals management decided on this move. It is also an opportunity for young talents in Bangladesh who play in difficult conditions to show their talent and secure a ticket for the future and to play in the Indian League.

"Teams like Kolkata, Chennai, and Mumbai had looked at Bangladeshi players as potential recruitment over the years, and we are definitely looking at them right now. They've got grit; they play under very difficult situations, so I think it's very important."

Fan base in Bangladesh

There are many fans of their club in Bangladesh, so this is an opportunity to gain even more popularity in Bangladesh and thus help them. "One of the things is [that] our fan base here is quite interesting.

After Kolkata and Chennai, our fan base is number three in Bangladesh, so we want to develop the fan base in Bangladesh and also in North-East India. That's why we want to promote that to get grassroots cricketers from the villages, much more than from cities."

The Royals management has allowed its player Mustafizur Rahman to play for Bangladesh and they have only words of support for him "We have taken 'The Fizz' in our team, we have bid for him. Hopefully, he will play.

But his duty towards his country comes first, after that, it comes to the Rajasthan Royals. So, let me see when he comes, I hope he is selected nationally also, but if he doesn't, we are always there for him," he concluded.