Hasan:"I felt I was in jail during the opening three days and it was frustrating."

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Hasan:"I felt I was in jail during the opening three days and it was frustrating."

Mehidy Hasan, a Bangladesh player, reveals what it's like to be in quarantine before a match against New Zealand "The first three days we were in the room. Then everyone got a chance to go out for half an hour. My head was spinning a little when I first went out yesterday.

Then after 10-15 minutes it became normal," Mehidy said on Sunday (February 28), as quoted by cricbuzz "I felt I was in jail during the opening three days and it was frustrating." "But when I came out and got adjusted to the weather, it felt a little better.

When I returned to the room, I felt a little fresh. It doesn't feel good to be in a room all day." "It's actually a little uncomfortable for us to spend three or four days in a room in the same way and so when we got the chance to go outside for thirty minutes, it felt good," he said.

Gym and exercises

He will soon start with the gym and gym exercises. However, he is aware that this will pass quickly and that he will finally be able to get out of quarantine "After six-seven days when we will start going to the gym and the field, we will feel better.

It is difficult to spend time now. It would be good if we could get some gym facilities or could do some work in the room now. You can understand how we are passing the days. For the first time we spent five days at a hotel like this.

It was tough at first, haven't seen anyone for the first three days. "We have talked over the phone, video call, from room to room. It was boring at first, very difficult to spend time. Now four days have passed, hopefully the rest of three days will also pass.

It (training) will start after two or three days and I hope it will be better at that point," said Mehidy. "This kind of isolation is a completely different thing. We didn't pass time like this before," said Taskin Ahmed.

"We have been allowed to walk while maintaining a two-metre distance for 30-40 minutes. It's refreshing as it felt like a hotel arrest." said Taskin. They spend time in the rooms watching movies and series and communicating with family over the phone "They permitted walking after all of us tested negative in the first test.

We still have a few tests left. After that, we can start our practice. Overall this is a completely new experience. Hopefully, it will end soon. "We are passing time by talking to our family (by phone) and watching movies. The BCB has provided some stuff - bands and cycling - for our physical exercises. We have been instructed to do these in the room. So overall these are the ways we are spending our time," he said.